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2 Aug

Alma BB // Louis Vuitton


LOUIS VUITTON  Alma bb bag //

H&M  Embroidered tull skirt //

H&M  Off-shoulder blouse //

ZARA  Pumps //

Alma BB Louis Vuitton Tull Skirt Louisa Maureen Fashion Blog Berlin-4
Alma BB Louis Vuitton Tull Skirt Louisa Maureen Fashion Blog Berlin


Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day!


Today I actually felt like wearing loungewear the whole day but I remembered that I had just recently bought this beautiful embroidered tull skirt by H&M which immediately lifted my mood J Sometimes all you need is one special piece just like this gorgeous skirt to get you excited about an outfit and to start the day right.

You can either dress the skirt down by wearing it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of slippers or create a more chic look with a modern off-shoulder blouse by H&M in white and a pair of red pointed pumps by Zara. (for similar pieces scroll down to the bottom of this post). I love both versions but it really depends on your mood and the occasion. In my opinion though you don’t need an occasion to dress up, today for example I’m just going to get some lunch around the corner at What do you fancy love? (one of my favorite places in Charlottenburg) with one of my best friends Mandy.


To complete this look I decided to wear one of my favorite bags the Louis Vuitton Alma bb bag in a burgundy/purple shade and epi leather. It’s a classic bag which you can wear with basically any outfit and the bb size makes it perfect for a stroll around town. I love the fact that you can wear it across the shoulder, it’s just the right bag for a walk with my dog Karl. By the way Karl turned 1 year old on Monday and we celebrated his birthday with a variety of special treats and a long walk in the woods 🙂 A lot of people have asked me which breed Karl’s is, he’s a pincher mix and we got him from Petangels.



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