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15 Jun

Beauty Treatments – Hydrafacial & Lash Lift

Beauty Treatmemts Hydrafacial Lash Lift

Although I’m a firm believer of nutrition and diet being the most vital part in having beautiful skin and a healthy glow I still couldn’t go without certain beauty treatments. The two treatments I’ve found to be the most effective are the hydrafacial and lash lift. If you’re on the search for something that will clear and hydrate your skin or make your eyelashes more curled and long looking then you should definitely try these two treatments!



This is a kind of dermabrasion which infuses all kinds of vitamins and medicinal products into your skin and simultaneously exfoliates it gently without having to use any crystals.

Step1: Cleansing and exfoliation

Step 2: Acid Peel

Step 3: Extractions

Step 4: Serum application

Obviously I’ve tried a range of different facials before this one and I have to say none have been as effective in making my skin clearer, more hydrated and younger-looking than the hydrafacial. I addition my pores have become smaller and my skin tone has become more even. My skin is very dry and sensitive so for me any aggressive facial is really the worst but with the hydrafacial I never have to leave the cosmetic studio with a red face and a pair of sunglasses.


Lash lift

The second most vital treatment to me is the lash lift. After having bad experiences with lash extensions and the super aggressive glue, I decided to start growing my own natural lashes with a serum and getting lash lifts every 5 weeks. One of the best decision I’ve made so far in terms of beauty rituals! Basically a lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. Your lashes get stuck to a gel pad on your eyelid and then a solution is applied to the lashes for about 60 minutes. It’s such a long time to keep your eyes closed! Sometimes I literally fall asleep 🙂 After 60 minutes the solution and the gel pad are removed and you can instantly see the result of your perfectly curled lashes.

If you’re in Berlin and you want to try out any of these two treatments I can recommend going to Swan Beauty. The staff are super friendly and highly qualified. I always love coming here and getting pampered!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost on my favorite beauty treatments and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback! 🙂


Beauty Treatments Hydrafacial Lash Lift Beauty Treatments Hydracial Lash Lift

Photography by Kim Garza

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